What do we really know about these topics?

Race, Gender and Sex

There is a consistent and persistent misunderstanding of many things in todays day and age. And that’s ok because there are a lot of things going on in this big, wide and wonderful world of ours. Some of these misconceptions can be, and are very harmful. Such as negative biases towards what many people call…

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This is BIG!!!

  • Neanderthal Symposium; Presented by the World of Paleoanthropology!

    ***Update*** The Symposium has a date! January 15th at 1:30AM PST! So expect to see it uploaded on January 16th! I have something VERY #EXCITING and special to announce! If you have ever wondered about Neanderthals, this is something you are going to be very interested in! Early in the #newyear, we will tentatively beContinue reading “Neanderthal Symposium; Presented by the World of Paleoanthropology!”

  • New Foot Prints Found at Laetoli!

    Big Announcement from #Laetoli! Be sure to check it out and not miss the news!

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