Join us for a couple cool interviews…

For our Video Show, check out “The Story of Us” tab right here on the website!

Join us for our first interview, with the gracious and very kind Molly Selba! A high school Anatomy Teacher and PhD Student!

A key member of The Leakey Foundation team, is Meredith Johnson, host of Origin Stories, and much more, come learn about what she has to say about the origins of this Foundation.

John Bavaro is a Paleo Artist, and a great one at that! Come join us and learn all about brining our ancient ancestors to life!

Chris Stringer, a leading voice and major contributor to both Out of Africa 1 and 2 theories, Dr. Stringer is no one to mess around with!

Prof. Tattersall is well known all through out the Anthropological community for his dedication and commitment to the field. His work has led to many revelations.

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