Meet the Team

Seth Chagi, Founder and Project Director

Hey there! I am the Founder and Project Director of the World of Paleoanthropology. I am currently a student who is about to obtain my B. A in Anthropology before going on to grad school to study, you guessed it, Paleoanthropology. My passion for paleoanthropology began in 2013 when I took Bio Anth 101, a common thing you will hear. It happened to be the year Prof. Berger was live tweeting and streaming the Rising Star Expedition, so it was a match made in heaven. I love learning, but I love educating what I have learned even more. So here we are! 

I love to read, hike, and spend time outdoors. I am typically a full-time student who does a great deal of volunteer work, including everything here with WOPA and Cambridge University. My family, including my partner and my pets (two cats and one dog), are the light of my life and my reason for doing what I am able and want to do with WOPA. 

Thank you for joining us!


E.A. Meigs, Writer and Website Maintenance

E. A. Meigs is the author of the paleofiction book series Dreamer Books: An Ice Age Saga, an epic tale chronicling the life of a Neanderthal man. Meigs has cultivated lifelong interests in history, natural history, and the sciences, especially as they pertain to paleoanthropology, zoology, geology, and climatology. She enjoys utilizing the various nuggets of information garnered through these pursuits to breathe life into her stories and add layers of depth and realism to her plots. 

Meigs is excited to be part of the World of Paleoanthropology team, and their mission to bring open-access paleoanthropology-themed articles, interviews, and videos to the public. Meigs has previously served as managing editor for The Journal of Online Learning, and written regular columns for PrimeTime Magazine and Click links to read more about Meigs’s professional, educational, and personal backgrounds.


Naushin Raheema, Writer

Naushin is a science communicator with a Masters in Biotechnology. She has written over six popular science articles and more than thirty news articles, covering topics such as life science, health, environment, space, and more. In her free time, she enjoys art journaling. Naushin is passionate about making science accessible and engaging to everyone. Her goal is to bridge the gap between science and the public, and to bring science to life.

Divyendu Kashyap, Writer

Ciao! I am a student pursuing my Master’s in Quaternary and Prehistory. My journey with deep history started with the typical childhood fascination with dinosaurs. However, it wasn’t until I was introduced to the game Sid Meier’s Civilization V and the works of Jared Diamond and Yuval Noah Harari by my friends during my Bachelor’s in Engineering that I became serious about human history. Soon after, I went on to finish an M.A. in History during which I progressively delved deeper into our past. I was impressed by our species’ ability to rise above and exert such control over the rest of the natural world which led me to study human evolution. 

While there are certainly some great online resources on paleoanthropology, I feel as though it doesn’t get the attention that it deserves. One of my goals is to increase engagement with the public so that more people like myself, from unconventional backgrounds, ponder on our past and its effects in the present. Because we could surely use more passionate people in this dynamic and exciting field!

Callum, Writer

From a young age Callum has been interested in archaeology and paleontology, it is through this route Callum gained the desire to learn more about evolution and our shared human origins. In adulthood Callum took a Archaeology BSc degree as a mature student which he has now graduated in and will be looking at taking a MSc in Paleoanthropology, Biological Anthropology or Primatology, gateway to further study.

Mekhi, Writer

Hello! I have been fascinated by paleontology and ancient life for as long as I can remember. As with many, it started out as a love for dinosaurs. I loved visiting my local museum and seeing all the fossils and depictions of ancient life. Now, I am a volunteer at that same museum and my love for ancient life has transitioned from dinosaurs to humans. I began volunteering around the time of the pandemic when I had nothing else to do, and I began learning more about our own evolution, through personal research and video lectures provided by the museum. Though I am only a high school student, I have a great love and passion for paleoanthropology which seemingly grows by the day, fueled by my love for nature and my want to always learn more.

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