Skulls with Seth

Hey there!

Welcome to the newest video series by World of Paleoanthropology!

Join Seth as he examines 3D prints of Skulls close up in detail, and learn about species introductions down below!

Skulls with Seth

Hello and welcome, my friends, to this new bi-weekly video series that I am putting together called “Skulls with Seth! (#SkullswithSeth) 

I am so very excited to be starting this series, because it was one of the first video series that I wanted to do, and the whole reason I have my collected of 3D prints! 

On this episode learn about what this series will entail, as well as get introduced to the species A. afarensis, commonly known as the species that the famed Lucy belongs to. 

So join us on this first episode, be kind, as of course things may be a little rocky as we get started, but I promise each episode of this series will be better than the last! 

So let’s get to it! 

Hello again friends and family of the World of Paleoanthropology! 

Today we are going to be looking at what is my favorite 3D print that I own, and that would be Jebel Irhoud! 

As to not ruin any surprises, I do not want to tell who this fossil belongs to, but we will get to that into the video! 

This fossil is an amazing find, and gives us a great window into our specific human past. 

Join me today on the second episode of #SkullswithSeth! 

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