Skulls with Seth

Hey there!

Welcome to the newest video series by World of Paleoanthropology!

Join Seth as he examines 3D prints of Skulls close up in detail, and learn about species introductions down below!

Photo Credit Christopher Lynn

Skulls with Seth

Hello and welcome, my friends, to this new bi-weekly video series that I am putting together called “Skulls with Seth! (#SkullswithSeth) 

I am so very excited to be starting this series, because it was one of the first video series that I wanted to do, and the whole reason I have my collected of 3D prints! 

On this episode learn about what this series will entail, as well as get introduced to the species A. afarensis, commonly known as the species that the famed Lucy belongs to. 

So join us on this first episode, be kind, as of course things may be a little rocky as we get started, but I promise each episode of this series will be better than the last! 

So let’s get to it! 

Hello again friends and family of the World of Paleoanthropology! 

Today we are going to be looking at what is my favorite 3D print that I own, and that would be Jebel Irhoud! 

As to not ruin any surprises, I do not want to tell who this fossil belongs to, but we will get to that into the video! 

This fossil is an amazing find, and gives us a great window into our specific human past. 

Join me today on the second episode of #SkullswithSeth! 

It’s been a little bit, apologies, but here we are with the next episode of #SkullsWithSeth!

On this episode, we will be, in honor of the anniversary of the passing of Mary Leakey last Friday, one of her first significant discoveries in Human Evolution. The discovery of the “NutCracker Man,” or Zinj.

I hope you all learn something and enjoy this episode, and remember that there is always more to learn, so be sure to subscribe and set reminders for future episodes!

On this episode of SkullswithSeth, we are examining the Broken Hill or Kawbe 1 Skull! There is a great deal of controversy surrounding this skull and who has the legal right to keep the remains, but there is so much to learn about it, so watch today!

For this episode, join us as we dive deep into Human history, and learn about about the first hominin to leave Africa, the first ancestor to have a body shape that we can recognize as our own; Homo erectus! Specifically, we will look at Nariokotome Boy or Turkana Boy’s skull! Fascinating!

The Skull in the Rock, Au. sediba! First discovered by the young Mathew Berger in 2009, this skull would change our understanding of the period that may have been between Australopithecus and Homo; while there is much more to learn, this fills some gaps!

On this episode of SkullswithSeth, we go deep into the darkness of Rising Star, where we will learn about something remarkable, a juvenile skull of a Homo naledi. Found sitting on a shelf, which may give us hints about the species’ possible cultural practices, we can learn a great deal about the child’s skull. So catch this episode, and in my opinion, learn about one of the most fascinating fossils we have yet to examine!

Travel back in time as we learn more about my favorite hominin species, one that holds so many secrets for us to uncover! Homo naledi! Found deep in the darkness of Rising Star, we have discovered dozens of individuals, some more complete than others; in this episode, we will be looking at Neo, one of, if not the most complete naledi skeletons ever found!

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