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My name is Seth Chagi, and I am the creator of the “World of Paleoanthropology,” a modern-day, open-access project to provide people from the ivory tower to the commoner access to science education, data, and information to further our collective understanding of human beginnings and origins.

Currently, I am in school pursuing my bachelor’s with the hope of one day getting into a Ph.D. program. I’ve got a ways to go, only recently graduating with an AA-T in Anthropology and an A. A in Social Sciences, but I am attending University as a Senior to pursue my BA and so forth.

My forte is Biological Anthropology, even more specifically Comparative Hominid Cranial Morphology, but I love all aspects of the human journey.

I do blogs, book reviews, vlogs, interviews, and chats with anyone involved in the field, from archaeologists to geologists, from students to the greatest minds the area has to offer today. I educate. We host others papers and articles for free for our community and anyone to access and learn straight from the source. We also do morphology comparative videos and species introductions. Making it make sense is the goal. Not for money, not for personal gain, but for the betterment of society, for man cannot change and improve if he does not know his history,

My goal is to bring Human Origins to light, to bring our story to light, so that we may learn from it and not make the same mistakes as we have in the past, so we can learn from our errors and possibly use that knowledge to save our species today from one of its greatest threats in known history, Climactic Change.

I’m fun, easy going, and I have a huge heart. I’m just starting in this world, so go easy on me, would you? But I do hope you enjoy what I offer, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time at worldofpaleoanthropology@gmail.com.

Have a great time!

There is Always More to Learn!

Project Director

Seth Chagi


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