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HUGE Homo naledi News!

There is now proof that H. naledi was using fire while doing all of the activities that they were doing down in the Rising Star Cave System!

Read all about it, watch my PaleoFridays episode on it, and watch Dr. Berger announce it!

Neanderthals Cooking and Flavoring their food Seventy Thousand Years Ago? Is it possible? Learn more about this amazing find!

It seems this year really has it out for Paleoanthropologists as another legend passes away, Kamoya Kimeu, please share the word and donate what you can to cover expenses.

We have some really big news coming out of the field today, Friday the 8th of July 2022, a new face was discovered on June 30th, and by where it was found, dates to be the oldest hominin found in Europe so far. Read on for more!

Things are always changing in this field, and it is important to stay up to date with the latest finds and everything that is going on! Now some bing surprises from South Africa, as we learn famous fossils such as Mrs. Ples may be near one million years older than previously thought! See why this is important by clicking here!

It seems that our news section is filling with obituaries as I have another great loss to report. Last night Yves Coppens, the “Father of Lucy” passed away. May he Rest In Peace, read on to learn more about his outstanding career and his contributions to Paleoanthropology.

It is with great sadness that I report on the third major loss for Paleoanthropology just in 2022. Yesterday, as we reported, we lost who was to many, a beloved teacher, mentor, family, and friend. Dr. Bill Kimbel passed away from his harsh, but brave fight against cancer.

The first new site where Oldowan tools have been found, in thirty years, has been located in the Kenyan Rift Valley in an extinct volcano! While these are your standard set of Oldowan tools, there are some interesting aspects about where they were found. Check it out!

A new stone tool industry has recently been discovered in China, dating to around 40 thousand years ago. With the first traces of Red Ochre in China, this is a very exciting and interesting find!

The migration patters of Anatomically Modern Humans (AMH) is a fascinating and ever changing science. A new paper suggests that modern humans were in Europe, with the Neanderthals 10k years longer than we thought!

For decades now it has been thought that Homo erectus was the first true hunter among the Homo lineage, and while that may be true, it seems there is a great deal left undetermined…did eating meat really make us human?

New Dates for the Oldest AMH from Eastern Africa announced! Published in Nature earlier this week, the Omo 1 remains have now been more accurately dated to 36k years older! Be sure not to miss this big headline!

Today, we have some breaking news coming out of the labs and research of Dr. Jeremy DeSilva, friend of the show, and Dr. Ellie McNutt! NEW FOSSIL FOOTPRINT ANALYSIS AT LAETOLI!!!! WAS IT A BEAR?

Yet again, amazingly more news coming from Lee Berger’s Team in South Africa, this time on Sediba! Catch the latest news! Check Back on Nov. 23rd at 5 AM Pacific to catch the news!!! (It will be linked here later in the day, be sure to visit the “Blog” section at 5AM!

Once again, Lee Berger Et al. has made an amazing announcement that will change the face of Paleoanthropology forever, literally. Be sure not to miss it!

A Neanderthal Family Discovered

Learn more about these intelligent survivors who were on this planet far longer than we have been. While it is true they died out as a morphological species; their DNA lives on in us, around 2-4% of all non-Africans.

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