Hello, fans of the World of Paleoanthropology!

I am excited to bring you to this new area of our website, which is dedicated to our podcast; “The Story of Us” currently available on Apple Podcasts. (Soon coming to other platforms).

In this area of the site, you will be able to find all of the information pertaining to the podcast, such as where to find it, possible schedules, information on upcoming episodes, bonus content for subscribers, and more!

Now, before we go further allow me to explain how to obtain the podcast a bit more. As mentioned, it is currently only on Apple Podcasts, and it is for a subscription of $1.99 a month or $10.00 a year. These funds go to content creation. However, each episode will be released to the public, for free, exactly one month after its publication to subscribers.

So, everyone gets the content, but those who subscribe will not only get the episodes a whole month earlier but there will be bonus content available from time to time as well!

Some of the episodes will be featured episodes of our Video Show, which goes by the same name, and some will only be for the podcast. So there is some benefit to going to the podcast, as well as checking out our Youtube Channel!

If you are interested in Human Origins, Social Issues, Science, Research, Evolution, Anthropology, Archaeology, or anything of the like, this podcast is for you! Please take a moment and check it out! 

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