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Welcome Everyone to this new website page! I decided it was a good idea to put all of the PaleoFriday episodes together in one place so that you can easily access them, and enjoy them all in one place! New episodes should premiere every week, and you will see the new episode here, right when it is uploaded! So you can join me here, or on YouTube! We will be discussing the latest news of the week, and big topics going on within the world of anthropology, there is always so much to discuss! Be sure to look for the polls each week to help decide what we are going to discuss! Enjoy!

  1. What is Paleoanthropology?

2. Is there such a things as Biological Race?

3. Mrs. Ples and the Sterkfontein Caves ONE MILLION Years Older?

4. The Oldest Face of Europe

5. Neanderthal Myth Busting-PaleoFridays

6. The Death of a Great Fossil Hunter, and his Legacy-PaleoFridays

7. What is Going on in Rising Star Cave?!?!

8. Humans in America Forty-Thousand Years Ago? Is it Possible?

9. The Real Planet of the Apes!!!

10. Who was the First Biped?

#11. The Oldest Stone Tools-Not Oldowan?

#12. Hominin vs. Hominind

#13. The Human Braided Stream vs. Family Tree

#14 Who, or What is “Dragon Man”?

#15 Homo naledi Used Fire!

#16 Neanderthal Daily Life

#17 Paleoanthropology in 2022, a Review

#18 The Bane of Anthropology and Archaeology

#19 The Controversy of Broken Hill and Kabwe 1!

#20 The first hominins to leave Home?

#21 The first stone tool makers were NOT “human”?

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