Interview #17: Jeremy DeSilva

Hello fans and readers of World of Paleoanthropology! 

Today I am thrilled to introduce you to our next guest! 

Professor Desilva, from Dartmouth University is an expert in Bipedal Locomotion. I.E Walking on two legs. While we today know this mostly to be a human trait, it actually extends far into the distant past, all the way to the dinosaurs even! 

While we are hardly related to dinosaurs, through his two recent books, “A Most Interesting Problem, What Darwin’s Descent of Man got Right and Wrong about Human Evolution?” Which he worked on will 11 other collaborators and experts in the field can be found and purchased here. His book which comes out on April 6th here in the United States titled “First Steps, How Upright Walking Made Us Human” shows us where bipedality comes from, and what role it had in our own evolution. 

Explore deep time, and these exciting questions, hear some great tales about some of our favorites return guests such as Lee Berger, and have a good time with us!

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