We Are Expanding!!!

Hello to each and everyone of you! In the hopes of creating more conversation, and community with our readers/viewers, I would like to introduce you to our brand-new Discord Channel! Please come on by, I will admit I am not too familiar with Discord, but we can all learn along together! But I am sureContinue reading “We Are Expanding!!!”

Interview #26-Dr. Henry Gee!!!

As a senior editor at the world renown Scientific Journal Nature, I was surprised when Dr. Gee approached me, and offered to have an early copy of his book sent to me for review. Let’s just say I was a little in shock that someone who had such a prolific career would be interested inContinue reading “Interview #26-Dr. Henry Gee!!!”

Interview #25! Chats with an Underground Astronaut!

This time on the show we have another awesome guest, Becca Peixotto! One of the original Underground Astronauts called into service by Dr, Lee Berger in 2013, she has had a wild ride ever since!  From going deep underground and working with some of the best minds in Anthropology, to having her image made ofContinue reading “Interview #25! Chats with an Underground Astronaut!”

Newly Discovered Fossil Footprints Carry Implications for Cause of Megafaunal Extinctions

By Claire Brandes Within North American archeology, conventional wisdom has it that the Clovis people represent the continent’s earliest occupation around 12,000 years ago, after the ice sheets of the Last-Glacial Maximum, which would have made it impossible to travel via Beringia, receded. These early hunter-gatherers have long been blamed for the downfall of manyContinue reading Newly Discovered Fossil Footprints Carry Implications for Cause of Megafaunal Extinctions

Neanderthal Symposium Updates!!!!

Join us for a Symposium on Neanderthals featuring Dr. Chris Stringer, Rebecca Wragg-Sykes, and Prof. Tom HIgham! A World-leading panel of experts on Neanderthals, this is not going to be something to miss!!!! This event is not live but will be posted on the 16th of January, vs. the 15th. (Time difference issues). All fourContinue reading “Neanderthal Symposium Updates!!!!”

Cranial Morphological Comparison #1 A. afarensis!-Lucy!!!

Wow! I feel like this time has been coming for so long, and I am so glad to finally have reached this point where I have this to present to you! Please do not hold back, the only way I can improve on my videos and skill set is based off of constructive criticism, butContinue reading “Cranial Morphological Comparison #1 A. afarensis!-Lucy!!!”

The Independent Gene, a Review

Seth Chagi  Prof. Christina Campbell  Anthropology 423 Human Behavior: Evolutionary Perspectives  October 13, 2021 Nature vs. Nurture, How is this Still an Argument?               If you have access, you can also view and discuss the paper here, on Academia.edu. In the “Dependent Gene” by David S. Moore, we learn a great deal of new things that the generalContinue reading “The Independent Gene, a Review”