Homo naledi the Astonishing Tale with Three Outstanding Professors

*Premiering at 5pm Pacific on the World of Paleoanthropology YouTube Channel; look for it earlier here: I had a wonderful time this morning with the Cambridge University Biological Anthropology Society when we hosted Professors Lee Berger, John Hawks, and Agustin Fuentes; here is a description written by the student president: I hope you learn soContinue reading “Homo naledi the Astonishing Tale with Three Outstanding Professors”

A New Lineage of Oligocene Anthropoid? Seminar with Erik Seiffert!

Check out this new article I wrote for the Cambridge University Biological Anthropology Society about their first seminar! Unfortunately, we had issues and couldn’t record it (seminar 2 is being uploaded to view right now) I did an excellent write-up for you to know what happened. So please head on over to their website, andContinue reading “A New Lineage of Oligocene Anthropoid? Seminar with Erik Seiffert!”

Best Anthropology Audiobooks to listen to (or read) in 2022!

There are so many good reads out there, but sometimes in our busy lives we find it difficult to find time to sit down and pick up a good book. That is what Audiobooks are for! And here are some of the best on the subject! Check it out!

What is Race, and if it’s not real, why do we look so different?

If there is only one race of human being alive today, which we know is the case, why do we look so different? What can explain these differences on a intro level?

A small tooth, a big surprise, and Denisovans in Laos!

A new Denisovans fossil has been discovered! This leads to further understanding of the species, and new secrets, and many more answers, which lead to more and more questions!

Exciting Podcast Announcement!!!

I am so proud and excited to introduce you to “The Story of Us” podcast! Catch the first episode for free, and subscribe for $2.99 a month to support Science Communication and STEM in Human Origins!

Top Nine* Anthropology Podcasts of 2022 (So far…)

*Update* Check out the big news!: Very #exciting #announcement! For some of us, the chase for knowledge is never ending, and the need to learn as much as we can is insatiable. Trust me, I am one of those people, and I understand the importance of balancing modern day life, work, family etc. with academicContinue reading “Top Nine* Anthropology Podcasts of 2022 (So far…)”

Did Cooking and Eating Meat Make Us Who We Are Today?

Did Homo erectus’ habit of increased meat eating lead to our body structure, and mental capacities that we have and know of today? A new paper claims perhaps this idea is not as correct as we thought…