Why is Science Communication Important?

Written with the Help of AI in Google Docs Science communication is the process of sharing scientific information with the public. It can be done through various channels, including news media, social media, public talks, and educational materials. Science communication is essential for several reasons. First, it helps to build public understanding of science. PeopleContinue reading “Why is Science Communication Important?”

Homo naledi on its way to Copenhagen?

Homo naledi is a mysterious human relative that lived in South Africa about 300,000 years ago. It had a mix of primitive and modern features, such as a small brain, a human-like foot, and complex social behavior. It also had a unique way of disposing of its dead: it deliberately carried them into a deep,Continue reading “Homo naledi on its way to Copenhagen?”

Bridging Biomes: Exploring The First Beringian Migrations

Changes in climate and the environment have been one of the major reasons for human migrations throughout history, even more dynamically so in hunting communities as prey animals can only adapt to these through movement. One such set of journeys occurred along the Bering coast, perhaps commencing as early as 37.5 thousand years ago, resulting in the colonisation of the Americas.

Thoughts on Human Hibernation

Hibernation is a word many of us will be familiar with, as it is a strategy that some animals living today in Northern latitudes employ to cope with the harsh winter months. However, does there exist potential for humans to hibernate too? And beyond that, did any of our ancient hominin relatives do so inContinue reading “Thoughts on Human Hibernation”

Ghost DNA and Human Evolution

Coauthored with the New Bing What is a ghost lineage in terms of human evolution? How is ancient DNA obtained, and how do we know who is missing? What evidence do we have to support whom we think the species is? Has the species been identified? How long ago did this introgression of DNA occur?Continue reading “Ghost DNA and Human Evolution”