Update-Prof. William (Bill) Kimbel- RIP

Update: His funeral is being broadcasted to registered individuals via Zoom Saturday the 28th, you can register here. It is with the utmost sadness that I inform you, for those who do not already know, that the famed paleoanthropologist, who served as the director of the IHO at ASU for 13 years, Dr. Bill Kimbel,Continue reading “Update-Prof. William (Bill) Kimbel- RIP”

What is Paleoanthropology? An introduction!

Today, in one hour I am excited to premiere a new video! (You can watch it on this page once it has premiered, otherwise this is the link: (https://youtu.be/pqpsqWktqMM). We are going to learn all about Paleoanthropology, what it is, and how it relates to our modern world. There is a great deal to learnContinue reading “What is Paleoanthropology? An introduction!”

A small tooth, a big surprise, and Denisovans in Laos!

A new Denisovans fossil has been discovered! This leads to further understanding of the species, and new secrets, and many more answers, which lead to more and more questions!

It’s here! Welcome to the Origins of Bipedal Walking!

Well, the day has come! Earlier today, Dr. Throckmorton, Dr. McNutt, Dr. Hammond and Dr. DeSilva and I got together and held a symposium about discussing the Origins of Bipedal Walking.  This is a special recording of “The Story of Us” that we have been preparing for months. It has taken a great deal ofContinue reading “It’s here! Welcome to the Origins of Bipedal Walking!”

The Origins of Bipedal Walking

We have an upcoming event that might peek the interests of any #paleoanthropologist! I have brought together some experts in the field, especially concerning the subject of the #origins of #bipedal #walking. So join us! The event is not live, but recorded, and will be posted the same day. I encourage anyone who is interestedContinue reading “The Origins of Bipedal Walking”

Verisimilitude in Moche Iconography; A different aspect of Anthropology

Please view on Academia.edu if you can: The Moche people are one of the greatest, and most organized pre-Incan cultures in the Northern Andes, existing during the Early Intermediate Period, the successor of the lands once ruled by the Chavín culture, until their fall around 700 AD, to the Wari culture. The Moche are wellContinue reading “Verisimilitude in Moche Iconography; A different aspect of Anthropology”

“Discovering Us” by Evan Hadingham Review

When you ask many anthropologists today, what got them into anthropology in the first place, many of them will tell you this or that, but often enough it is that they came across the now famous book, fondly known as “The Lucy Book” by Dr. Don Johnson, published in the 80’s. This book details theContinue reading ““Discovering Us” by Evan Hadingham Review”

A Planet of Apes 

While today, there are only four species of Great Apes left walking the planet today, only of them are bipedal in their form of locomotion, or that they walk on two legs. That would be us, Homo sapiens. This, as well as many other aspects of our lives, bodies, and cultures, make us a special species, possibly the most unique to have ever walked the earth (at least the most successful). But we were not always alone…