Digging for Bones with Dr. Brenna Hasset

On this episode of The Story of Us, prepare to hear some exciting content and news! Premiering at 3pm PST! Dr. Brenna Hassett is a bioanthropologist and archaeologist who uses the evidence left behind in bones and teeth to tell us how we grew — or failed to grow — in the past. In thisContinue reading “Digging for Bones with Dr. Brenna Hasset”

More Genetic Diversity in Africa, than the Rest of the World? Can it be True? Yes!

Written with the Assistance of the New Bing as well as Grammarly There is a fact in Anthropology that I just love telling people because it seems to always blow their minds, for whatever reason…but that fact is that there is more genetic diversity within Africa than in the rest of the world.  Why? ReadContinue reading “More Genetic Diversity in Africa, than the Rest of the World? Can it be True? Yes!”

What are human population bottlenecks, and why are they important?

Written with the assistance of Dual AI Today we will be talking about a fascinating topic, one of which seems to go under the radar from time to time and yet has an extreme impact on the populations of modern humans (us)! We will discuss bottlenecks, what they are, and how they affect the populationsContinue reading “What are human population bottlenecks, and why are they important?”

Grad school and Flintknapping with John Murray

Watch the video premiere at 8pm PST here: In his own words, “I am a PhD candidate in the School of Human Evolution and Social Change at Arizona State University and an affiliate of the Institute of Human Origins. I received my BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University and my MA in Anthropology fromContinue reading “Grad school and Flintknapping with John Murray”

Why We Walk on Two Legs

Introduction Written with the Assistance of Dual Ai Bipedalism, or walking on two legs, is one of the defining characteristics of humans. But why do we walk this way? There are many hypotheses about the evolution of bipedalism. Still, the most likely explanation is that it allowed our early ancestors to travel long distances moreContinue reading “Why We Walk on Two Legs”

Why is Science Communication Important?

Written with the Help of AI in Google Docs Science communication is the process of sharing scientific information with the public. It can be done through various channels, including news media, social media, public talks, and educational materials. Science communication is essential for several reasons. First, it helps to build public understanding of science. PeopleContinue reading “Why is Science Communication Important?”

Ice Age Rock Art, Neanderthals and more with Genevieve von Petzinger!

Hello everyone, it’s great to have you back on my channel! Today, I am excited to introduce you to our special guest, Genevieve von Petzinger. She is a renowned paleoanthropologist and the author of the captivating book, “First Signs: How Ancient Symbols Shaped Humanity”. In this book, she delves into the fascinating origins and meaningsContinue reading “Ice Age Rock Art, Neanderthals and more with Genevieve von Petzinger!”

Lithics, Stone Tools, and What they Are!

Hi everyone! Welcome to The World of Paleoanthropology, where I share my passion for human evolution and archaeology. Today I want to talk about the earliest stone tool industries, from the Lomekwian to the advanced Homo sapiens tools. How did our ancestors and relatives develop such amazing skills and technologies? What are lithics, and howContinue reading “Lithics, Stone Tools, and What they Are!”

AABA 2023 the 92nd Annual Conference Summary! My first Time!

Now that I have had some time to sit down and relax after getting home from almost two weeks of traveling between the Bill Kimbel inaugural Lecture at the new IHO campus in Tempe, Az, and then, of course, to the AABAs in Reno, Nv, I thought it would be fun to tell you, folks,Continue reading “AABA 2023 the 92nd Annual Conference Summary! My first Time!”