The Human Family Tree?

PREMIERING AT 6PM PACIFIC *Sorry this one is only in 720p, I will not be using Zoom again for this* If anyone does have recording software recommendations, I would most appreciate it. In this episode of Paleofridays, we will discuss the terms “Family Tree” and “Braided Stream” and why one is more appropriate for humanContinue reading “The Human Family Tree?”

Graphic Novel Review: Tuki Fight for Fire, and Fight for Family, a Worth While Tale

I was contacted the other day by Boneville publishing, home of artist Jeff Smith, because he had recently come out with the second novel in a new graphic series, dubbed “Tuki: Fight for Fire” (the first one), and the second one being “Tuki: Fight for Family”. Now you might be asking what I have toContinue reading “Graphic Novel Review: Tuki Fight for Fire, and Fight for Family, a Worth While Tale”

Toumaï takes the Crown Once Again! The First Bipedal Hominin!

*Join the discussion on * For decades now, there has been a tenacious argument on who the first bipedal hominid was. There are a few contenders, dating to around 6.5-7 mya, While there has been a great deal of controversy, new analysis may shed light on who the first biped in our family streamContinue reading “Toumaï takes the Crown Once Again! The First Bipedal Hominin!”

Paleogenetics with Dr. Todd Disotell

In this episode of “The Story of Us” we featured famed geneticist and anthropologist, Dr. Todd Disotell.  Hailing from NYU, this long-time researcher and professor have made long strides in the world of paleo genetics and phylogeny during his tenure.  Moving to the University of Massachusetts to take a slight career change, Dr. Disotell hasContinue reading “Paleogenetics with Dr. Todd Disotell”

Why is Science Communication Important?

What I do, is not the most common thing. To many people, it is not even a worthy pursuit. Some say educating is for the classroom, and for teachers only with credentials in certain fields. And of course, they have their very important place. But due to a severe lack of direction and communication withinContinue reading “Why is Science Communication Important?”

In Loving Memory; Kamoya Kimeu

To donate to the GoFundMe, click on this link. Today, sad news is reaching the Paleoanthropological world as it seems to be doing often this year. We have lost many great minds of the anthropological world, from Richard Leakey, and now to the famous fossil hunter Kamoya Kimeu, most famous for discovering the Turkana BoyContinue reading “In Loving Memory; Kamoya Kimeu”

The face of the oldest hominin in Europe has been found in Atapuerca!

*To discuss and chat, and to help me out, please also view on! Paleoanthropology is the study of our shared Human Origins. We know from near 100 years of study, that our lineage began in Africa, somewhere between 6 and 7 mya. (Million Years Ago).  There have been numerous finds that support this theory,Continue reading “The face of the oldest hominin in Europe has been found in Atapuerca!”

Sterkfontein Caves, a Million Years Older?

A new dating technology developed by Purdue researcher Darryl Granger is being used to re-date breccia blocks containing many of the world’s most famous South African hominin fossils. Using this new technique, (which measures the Cosmogenic Nuclides in the rock), at the world-famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sterkfontein Caves have been famously known for theContinue reading “Sterkfontein Caves, a Million Years Older?”

Yves Coppens, Yet Another Lost This Year, Rest In Peace.

Another sad day in which I have to report on another loss in our world.

Last night news spread that Yves Coppens passed away, he lived a full and exciting life, and we wish his family the best.

Read to learn more…