Why is Science Communication Important?

Written with the Help of AI in Google Docs Science communication is the process of sharing scientific information with the public. It can be done through various channels, including news media, social media, public talks, and educational materials. Science communication is essential for several reasons. First, it helps to build public understanding of science. PeopleContinue reading “Why is Science Communication Important?”

Homo naledi on its way to Copenhagen?

Homo naledi is a mysterious human relative that lived in South Africa about 300,000 years ago. It had a mix of primitive and modern features, such as a small brain, a human-like foot, and complex social behavior. It also had a unique way of disposing of its dead: it deliberately carried them into a deep,Continue reading “Homo naledi on its way to Copenhagen?”

Call for Reviewers and Editors—Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour

Dear whomever it may concern, The Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour is now calling for reviewers and editors to join the team! CJHB is an interdisciplinary, international journal that publishes the best undergraduate work from a variety of disciplines including psychology, biological and socio-cultural anthropology, and natural sciences. All our reviewers and editors are (andContinue reading “Call for Reviewers and Editors—Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour”

Paleoanthropology-2022 in Review, Top Discoveries

Well! Here we are at the end of the year, and what a year it was!  We had so many incredible discoveries that there is not one video to cover it all! But I decided to make a video of what I thought were some of the top discoveries in Paleoanthropology in 2022.  Buckle, andContinue reading “Paleoanthropology-2022 in Review, Top Discoveries”

Top Five Paleoanthropology Discoveries of 2022

Remember, there is always more to learn! Paleoanthropology is the study, of the need for knowledge, of our deep shared human origins. Where do we come from? It is often a question that many of us find ourselves asking from time to time. For some, the answer is in religion, and if that works forContinue reading “Top Five Paleoanthropology Discoveries of 2022”

Who, or What, was “Dragon Man”?

The mysterious skull of the now well-known “Dragon Man” was discovered in China in the 1930s and hidden in a well until it was rediscovered and shown to scientists in 2018.  There is so much mystery and so many things that we need to learn about this skull, and we are just beginning.  Could itContinue reading “Who, or What, was “Dragon Man”?”