In Loving Memory; Kamoya Kimeu

To donate to the GoFundMe, click on this link. Today, sad news is reaching the Paleoanthropological world as it seems to be doing often this year. We have lost many great minds of the anthropological world, from Richard Leakey, and now to the famous fossil hunter Kamoya Kimeu, most famous for discovering the Turkana BoyContinue reading “In Loving Memory; Kamoya Kimeu”

Yves Coppens, Yet Another Lost This Year, Rest In Peace.

Another sad day in which I have to report on another loss in our world.

Last night news spread that Yves Coppens passed away, he lived a full and exciting life, and we wish his family the best.

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Update-Prof. William (Bill) Kimbel- RIP

Update: His funeral is being broadcasted to registered individuals via Zoom Saturday the 28th, you can register here. It is with the utmost sadness that I inform you, for those who do not already know, that the famed paleoanthropologist, who served as the director of the IHO at ASU for 13 years, Dr. Bill Kimbel,Continue reading “Update-Prof. William (Bill) Kimbel- RIP”