Call for Undergraduate Submissions: Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour

Dear whomever it may concern,

I am writing to you as the Biological Anthropology Outreach Officer of the Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour. Please may you forward the following to relevant email lists:


The Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour is now calling for submissions for its next issue. (Deadline: May 15th, 2023). 

CJHB is an interdisciplinary, ISSN-registered, and peer-reviewed journal, publishing undergraduate work from across the world. We are excited to invite you, your students, and your colleagues to participate in the publication of its next issue. For many undergraduates, this proves to be a rare and excellent opportunity for their work to undergo peer-reviewing and publishing!

Submissions can include dissertations, projects, and extended essays (max. 5000 words) and must have been completed during undergraduate study. Topics range from (but are not limited to) Natural Sciences, Biological Anthropology, Social Anthropology, Psychological/Behavioural Sciences, Economics, and Philosophy.  Interdisciplinary manuscripts are strongly encouraged. 

More detail can be found on our website here: 

Our publications can be accessed here: 

We are also calling for new, incoming reviewers and editors. See our full statement here.

For specific inquiries, please email

We look forward to receiving some of your work soon! 

Kind regards,

Seth Chagi

Biological Anthropology Outreach Officer

Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour

Published by sethchagi

I am a Paleoanthropology Student, so far with two degrees, in Anthropology and Human Behavioral Science, pursuing my B.A and then my PhD I love to read (like a lot) and write, I love my family, and I adore anthropology! Remember, never stop exploring and never stop learning! There is always more to learn!

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