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Hominid Photoshoot! 💀

I noticed I was missing the underside of the Moroccan skull, both H. naledi skulls, and one of the Neanderthal skulls. There are also a few that are out of order, I do not know how that happened, or how to fi it, it occurs in the iCloud album as well. Apologies!

I plan on adding them tomorrow, as well as a caption for each photo giving a glimpse of what information you will get when you watch our new featured video series that we are gearing up for!

I will add to this as I get more skulls, and I hope these 2D images of 3D printed Crania give you an idea of the skulls before us, of their shape and size, their morphology.
I know we have some awesome plans coming up, many interviews already with dates and times, projects with new and exciting Institutes globally. One thing we are very excited for is our upcoming video lecture series where we examine the crania, get introduced to the species as a whole, as well as that particular specimen and its place in the fossil record.

We will also compare the shape and features, also known as morphology between these proto-humans and our own species, H.sapiens, some of our primate relatives, and of course to each other.

I hope you are excited about this new venture, I do not have an exact start day, but the first video will come out ASAP.

A HUGE shoutout to Professor Jeremy DeSilva of Dartmouth for the generous contribution of nearly all the skills presented here.

STEM education is important, the world may literally depend on it, its good to see people who truly care and wish to see others succeed.

Anyone can view this shared album at:

The iCloud album will be kept more up to date, and you can add your own photos, if they follow the rules!

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