The Story of Us Ep #27- Dr. Ellie McNutt and the new analysis of the Laetoli Footprints!

Dr. Ellison McNutt

Today we are very excited to have a wonderful new guest on the show! Today we are featuring Dr. Ellison McNutt Head author on a new paper that provides a new look and analysis of the track A trace fossil footprints at Laetoli, Tanzania. 

While these tracks are not newly discovered and have been known to science for over forty years, this new analysis brings something new to the table. What was thought to be Ursid (Bear) tracks walking bipedally for a few steps, has now proven to be something else….something far more human. 

Check out this episode to find out all the news about the Laetoli Footprints! We had a wonderful chat and hope that you will join us, and enjoy with us! 

Learn more about these finds here, as well as the actual paper that Dr. McNutt published!

Please enjoy and let us know what you think!

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