Social Media and the Best News and Discussions!


I sure hope that you are learning and enjoying all that we have to offer here from World of #Paleoanthropology (WOPA) on #Facebook, as well as our website.

We have a group/page (depending on where you are reading this) as well just in case you were unaware!

While we have a very large reach and audience on Facebook, which is great, we are in fact on other social media. One thing that I have observed since I started this “little project” is that, while there is a great deal of information of Facebook;

A. A whole ton of it is incorrect, and not backed up.

B. The academics, while some are present, are not really using Facebook to share their content or research. Which makes thinks more difficult for the everyday anthropologist, but makes places like us VERY useful, as we get all that information as it comes out and get it straight to you!

However, if you want even more, check us out on #Twitter @WrldOfPaleoAnth and see the constant, and on going academic discussions between real, professional #researchers, #scholars, and #professors.

This is where the real stuff is, straight from the mouth of a babe. There is SO MUCH on twitter to learn. So head on over, give us a follow, and once again, be welcomed into The World of Paleoanthropology!

Published by sethchagi

I am a Paleoanthropology Student, so far with two degrees, in Anthropology and Human Behavioral Science, pursuing my B.A and then my PhD I love to read (like a lot) and write, I love my family, and I adore anthropology! Remember, never stop exploring and never stop learning! There is always more to learn!

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