Interview #26-Dr. Henry Gee!!!

As a senior editor at the world renown Scientific Journal Nature, I was surprised when Dr. Gee approached me, and offered to have an early copy of his book sent to me for review. Let’s just say I was a little in shock that someone who had such a prolific career would be interested in my opinion, but you bet I snatched up that opportunity as fast as I could! Let me just say, as you will hear, if you have not already read the review (Catch that Here), I really, really like this book. And thats not just because I am part of the release campaign 😉 It really is a great book.

Firstly, its nice, despite how much I love it, to do something involving science a little outside of my typical field of Anthropology, do not get me wrong, there is plenty of that in this great little book, about a solid third of it, but the story prior is just as amazing and interesting. I truly learned so much.

Releasing Nov. 9th 2021, A (Very) Short History of Life on Earth by Dr. Henry Gee is not a book for STEM educators or enthusiasts to miss!

I loved spending the time I did with Dr. Gee, he is truly a funny, and passionate guy! We had a great chat, that could have gone on for hours, and would have had “Leti”, the new H. naledi child skull found by Lee Berger et al. not been announced immediately prior at five in the morning!

I am honored to call Dr. Henry Gee, author, and editor at Nature among many other things, as one of our guests here at W.O.P.A. Hopefully we can continue to work together to promote science education!

Please watch, and let me know what you think!

Seth Chagi
Project Director

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I am a Paleoanthropology Student, so far with two degrees, in Anthropology and Human Behavioral Science, pursuing my B.A and then my PhD I love to read (like a lot) and write, I love my family, and I adore anthropology! Remember, never stop exploring and never stop learning! There is always more to learn!

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