The Story of Us Ep #28 Homo naledi and the discovery of Leti with Dr. Juliet Brophy!

A Child from the Darkness of Rising Star…is what the title read of many papers and exciting articles just a few months ago, as Lee Berger and his team of Underground Astronauts made an announcement of an utterly amazing discovery out of the Rising Star Cave System, yes, the home of Homo naledi. We now have yet another astonishing discovery! 

You can catch all the information and news straight from the academic papers, and press conferences on our website here.

Today on the show, we are hosting the lead author on one of the two papers published about the discovery of Leti, the Homo naledi child that was found, in the thus far deepest places reached in the cave system, known as the “Chaos Chamber” or, a few other interesting names that you will hear in this episode! 

Join us, and meet Dr. Juliet Brophy, an expert in dentition, who has been working with Berger and the team since the days of the sediba discovery! 

Learn all about Leti in this episode, you won’t want to miss it! 

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