The Story of Us- Ep 34 with Evan Hardingham

Welcome to the next episode of The Story of Us! 

On this episode we are joined by non other than the Senior Editor of NOVA, brought to us by PBS. Evan has been working at Nova for over 30 years, an illustrious career. Although he started by exploring ice age caves in France and Spain, and working as an archaeologist. 

Today, he is a successful author, editor, and archaeologist known world round. 

We are honored to have him, as most of you know those of my generation, and others grew up on NOVA, so this, for me at least was a BIG DEAL! 

On this episode, we are discussing his newly published book, created in tandem and with close partnership with The Leakey Foundation, titled “Discovering Us,” one of the best books on the field as a whole I have read, ever. Period. And that is an unpaid opinion, as all of my opinions are! You get them whether you want them or not! 

So please join us on this episode, you can view it on 

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“Discovering Us”- Buy your copy here:

I hope you enjoy, and above all I hope you have learned something, and if I dare to hope, you have even been inspired by our discussion! 

Thanks, and see you next time! 


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World of Paleoanthropology 

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