Skulls with Seth Episode Three-Zinj

Episode Three- Zinj 

ZInj, also known as the Nutcracker Man, or more properly Zinjanthropus Bosei or Australopithecus Bosei, is a species that lived about two million years ago. 

With a lifestyle and diet extraordinarily different from our own, this is a unique hominin still struggling to find its place among our braided family stream. But one thing is for sure: this is a fantastic find made by the Leakey’s in 1959. *Note I said the 70s in the video, but it was the 50’s. 

We have a great deal that we can learn from Zinj, especially when piecing hominin bones back together, as this was in 400 pieces, but Mary and her coworker and dear friend passed recently Kamoya Kimeu. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, you can see the 3D print I am showing you today! 

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