Interview #23: Jeff Mckee and I have a chat!

Join Seth in the World of Paleoanthropology as he gets a notoriously famous Paleoanthropologist on the show. One of Lee Berger’s postgrad advisors, and well known for his work at the University of Wits as a lead Paleoanthropologist before returning to the U.S. On our show here, we would like to begin offering a varyingContinue reading “Interview #23: Jeff Mckee and I have a chat!”

Laetoli…43 years on….

Oooops! I missed a VERY important anniversary to tell you guys all about yesterday!Not far from Olduvai George, a famous #fossil locality that was frequented by the Leakeys and colleagues, and a very important place where many lithic (stone) tools have been found, at first believed to be from Homo habilis, the first of ourContinue reading “Laetoli…43 years on….”

The World Before Us The New Science Behind Our Human Origins-A review!!!

This is a new book, published this year around the world, and most recently here in the U.S just the other week!  Well, I had a chance to “sit down” with the author, Tom Higham, and discuss the field of Anthropology in general, Radio Carbon Dating, and of course, his new book!  So to goContinue reading “The World Before Us The New Science Behind Our Human Origins-A review!!!”

Do you want US to FEATURE your written work? Learn MORE-It’s FREE!

Do you want to publish, online for #free any #papers, #essays, etc that you have written, or would like to write? I am happy to tell you that @WrldOfPaleoAnth would be happy to host your work! Again, #FORFREE!!! We just want to educate! All rights and credit will remain yours! stem #anthropologymatters #Species #HomoContinue reading “Do you want US to FEATURE your written work? Learn MORE-It’s FREE!”


So, I’m ok at genetics, I’ve never studied it specifically outside of Bio 101, but I can keep up. First week of Human Behavioral Evolution class and 💥 BAM 💥 Epigenetics “You know how, in all k-12 and intro college classes about biology or anthropology, that evolution does not work by traits gained during anContinue reading “Genes….”

Interview #22 Prof. Andrew Kinkella

Today I was joined by one of my former Professors, my Archaeology 101 teacher in fact, who is partially responsible for my love, passion, and dedication to this field. It was very nice to “meet up” with him after so many years and to have such a great talk. I think it flowed smoothly, andContinue reading “Interview #22 Prof. Andrew Kinkella”

March of Progress? It’s time we had a serious talk.

Hello! Welcome to today’s lesson. It’s an important one! One that addresses years, decades of misinformation, and flawed thinking.  Check this article out, and have your own discussion, read this on! Yes, we are talking about the “March of Progress” image. I am sure that many of you are already cringing. “The March ofContinue reading “March of Progress? It’s time we had a serious talk.”

Hominin vs. Hominid by Professor Lee Berger

Viewpoint: Is It Time to Revise the System of Scientific Naming? Shared with permission from Dr. Berger. Lee R. Berger First published for National Geographic News December 4, 2001 A team of researchers led by paleoanthropologist Meave Leakey sparked a controversy among evolutionary scientists and the press alike earlier this year when they announced theContinue reading “Hominin vs. Hominid by Professor Lee Berger”