Dragon Man!!! With Chris Stringer #21

Today, Seth and Chris Stringer, friend of the show, discuss something that is very new on the Paleoanthropological scene that you may have heard of recently! Today, we will be discussing Dragon Man, or Homo longi! A recently announced new member of our species clade. Prof. Stringer is actually a part of the team workingContinue reading “Dragon Man!!! With Chris Stringer #21”

What’s a Hominid? What’s a Hominin? Is there a difference?

So! Today we are going to answer a very common question, and hopefully prevent any confusion going forward and to maybe educate. There are many people out there, including myself the other day, that gets them confused and, not by. intent, is giving out false information. And we don’t want that! So lets get thisContinue reading “What’s a Hominid? What’s a Hominin? Is there a difference?”

“Dragon Man” with Prof. Chris Stringer!!!

What do we have here? A hominid skull no doubt! But….what species? Large brow ridge….vaulted skull….Neanderthal? No….not quite. Erectus? No couldn’t be. So what is this? This is the #Harbin #Skull, found in the Dragon River region of Northeastern China before WW1. To keep it safe, the discoverer hid it in a well, on hisContinue reading ““Dragon Man” with Prof. Chris Stringer!!!”

Top Lectures on Paleoanthropology!!!

Well! Since its been about a week since we came out with our Top Documentaries list, and so its time for a new one before we move on to our newer content! This one was hard to make, there are just so, so many good lectures online, (Again these are all on YouTube for freeContinue reading “Top Lectures on Paleoanthropology!!!”

Happy Birthday Louis Leakey! August 7th!

Today, August 7th, is Louis S.B Leakeys Birthday! On this day we celebrate and commemorate the fantastical man that we know to be Louis Leakey. The patriarch of the Fossil Hunting Dynasty, and inspiration for the foundation and continued research and exploration of The Leakey Foundation. The man who started the great studies of theContinue reading “Happy Birthday Louis Leakey! August 7th!”

Top Modern Paleoanthropology Documentaries on YouTube

With the great success of my other recent post, the Top Modern Paleoanthropology Books, I thought it would be cool, to extend this further. This week, we will be doing Top Documentaries, next week we will do Top Lectures, that one will be really hard to make! So here we have Top Documentaries to watch!Continue reading “Top Modern Paleoanthropology Documentaries on YouTube”

Top Ten Modern Paleoanthropology Reading List!!!

Suggested Reading List for Paleoanthropology Enthusiasts!These are in no particular order but are all great, modern books on the subject that, at the time of their publication (which I am only listing recent books) were the most updated at the time. Check out our audiobook list! Of course, the thing about our field is thatContinue reading “Top Ten Modern Paleoanthropology Reading List!!!”

Interview #20: Dr. Marina Elliott

Join myself and Dr. Marina Elliott today as we sit down and discuss some awesome topics. From her stunning travels, work and involvement in the 2013 Rising Star Expedition. A proud female STEM educator and promoter, Dr. Elliot has written a detail book on the localities all over the Cradle of Human Kind in SouthContinue reading “Interview #20: Dr. Marina Elliott”

Roberto Sáez, Interview: #19 A Compassionate Human?

We had the great pleasure of interviewing Dr. Sáez the other day and we had a blast! We learned alot from talking to him and we hope you can glean some of that yourself by watching! From Neanderthals to the Complete Human Package, we discuss his book, his work, and his views on Anthropology. CheckContinue reading “Roberto Sáez, Interview: #19 A Compassionate Human?”