Interview #15: Agustin Fuentes

Wow our fifteenth interview! Its amazing how far we have come and seeing the amazing people on our show, and reading their written interviews! Here is to a bright future! Today we are releasing publicly (It was released early on our Patreon) our interview with Professor Agustin Fuentes of Princeton University! We are very excitedContinue reading “Interview #15: Agustin Fuentes”

Interview 11: Keneiloe Molopyane

Join us this time as we meet up with Keneiloe Molopyane, curator of the Maropeng Museum of Human Origins in South Africa! She is a member of the original Rising Star caving team, and has been working closely with Lee Berger ever since, more recently she has been working on a site called the 105Continue reading “Interview 11: Keneiloe Molopyane”

Sediments of Time-A Review

The Sediments of Time, a book written by Meave Leakey (Yes those Leakey’s) with her daughter Samira is a look into the history of modern Paleoanthropology from her perspective as some of the greatest archaeological finds of all time were made. From the discovery, excavation and preparation of the Turkana Boy, as well as manyContinue reading “Sediments of Time-A Review”

Genetics, Homo Naledi, and Professor John Hawks: Interview 10

Welcome to our next interview! And with the prolific and wonderful Professor John Hawks! I do hope you enjoy our chat, and remember if you or someone you know is interested in appearing on the show have them contact us at and we can set something up! Enjoy!

Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art; A Review

So we are finally here! Launch day in the United States! October 27th is the day that Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art finally comes available in hardcover and paperback to readers across the U.S. While available on kindle and audible for some time, the book was not officially available until now. In preparationContinue reading “Kindred: Neanderthal Life, Love, Death and Art; A Review”