Interview Four: Lee Berger

Welcome one and all to our fourth, but first live video interview! Today’s guest, is Prof. Dr. Lee Berger, famous for his discoveries of Au. sediba and H. naledi. A leader in the world of open access education, Lee is pushing the boundaries with his discoveries and the way he educates the world about them.Continue reading “Interview Four: Lee Berger”

Interview Three: Meredith Johnson from The Leakey Foundation

Well here we are! Interview three and one that I know many of you are very excited for as am I! Our inside look and chance to talk to the famous Leakey Foundation! An organization that has done such good for the world of human evolution that it will be logged in the annals ofContinue reading “Interview Three: Meredith Johnson from The Leakey Foundation”

My Birthday & the Leakey Foundation

Hello one and all! I am very excited to tell you all that I am doing something special for my birthday (which is March 2nd) this year. I am starting a fundraiser on Facebook to raise money to donate to none other than the Leakey Foundation! The mission of The Leakey Foundation is to increaseContinue reading “My Birthday & the Leakey Foundation”

Interview Two: John Bavaro

Welcome to our second interview in our new interview series! We have a-lot of great organizations and individuals coming forward wanting to participate! Today we are graced by the presence of Paleo Artist John Bavaro. John Bavaro, teaches illustration at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. He’s published works that have appeared in BBC, BBC El Mundo,Continue reading “Interview Two: John Bavaro”