“Discovering Us” by Evan Hadingham Review

World of Paleoanthropology

When you ask many anthropologists today, what got them into anthropology in the first place, many of them will tell you this or that, but often enough it is that they came across the now famous book, fondly known as “The Lucy Book” by Dr. Don Johnson, published in the 80’s. This book details the astounding discovery of the A. afarensis partial skeleton, the most complete of its time, detailing the anatomy, the adventure, and the science. So many people fell inn love with this book, that it drove them into the field themselves! People like Dr. Lee Berger, and many others owe their careers to the collective work of the past, and in thanks to mentors and people like Don Johnson.

Today, while “the Lucy book”, for those who are interested is still a great place to start, it is a little out dated. There is, however in my…

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I am a Paleoanthropology Student, so far with two degrees, in Anthropology and Human Behavioral Science, pursuing my B.A and then my PhD I love to read (like a lot) and write, I love my family, and I adore anthropology! Remember, never stop exploring and never stop learning! There is always more to learn!

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