Are Neanderthals our Ancestors? A Quick ChatGPT Analysis

Here is what ChatGPT says about “Are Neanderthals our Direct Ancestors?” I need to write a paper about how Neanderthals are not our direct ancestors Many people have a misconception that Neanderthals are our direct ancestors or early members of our own species Homo sapiens. However, this is not true. Neanderthals are actually our cousins,Continue reading “Are Neanderthals our Ancestors? A Quick ChatGPT Analysis”

Humans, edited by Sergio Almécija-A Review!

Join me in my interview with the author! To be posted later today! When I heard about this book, I did not truly understand what it would be and how profoundly it would affect my view and understanding of topics from religious beliefs to how and why Anthropology is for me. Humans: Perspectives on ourContinue reading “Humans, edited by Sergio Almécija-A Review!”

The Toba Eruption-Almost Wiping Humanity Off the Map!

*Premiering at 6pm PST* Hello everyone, and welcome to this episode of#PaleoFridays!  In this episode, we will learn about the Super Volcanic Eruption of Mt. Toba, located in what is now known as Lake Toba, Sumatra, Indonesia.  One of the largest volcanic eruptions in Earth’s history, it had a major impact on our ancestors, howContinue reading “The Toba Eruption-Almost Wiping Humanity Off the Map!”

Arrow Tips found in Europe Tens of thousands of years before expected time!

Tens of thousands of years ago, deep in a French cave called Grotte Mandrin, near Malataverne in the Rhône Valley, arrowheads were discovered. However, these were not just any arrowheads; in fact, these would become the earliest known arrowheads outside of Africa! So today, we will be learning all about these arrowheads, where they cameContinue reading “Arrow Tips found in Europe Tens of thousands of years before expected time!”

Darwin and Human Evolution: A Two-Day Symposium at Dartmouth College

Contributed by E. A. Meigs Dartmouth College hosted a two-day symposium, Darwin and Human Evolution Symposium, on February 17-18, 2023, “Reflecting on Charles Darwin’s impact on the study of human evolution and biological diversity a century and a half after he published Descent of Man”. This event featured authors who contributed to A Most InterestingContinue reading “Darwin and Human Evolution: A Two-Day Symposium at Dartmouth College”

The First Stone Tool Makers were NOT Human!

Debuting at 10pm pst (Sorry for how late it is guys, things took extra too export due to issues). Enjoy! The best PaleoFirdays are based on and informed on the past week’s news. This week we had some exciting news coming out of Kenya in the form of a new paper published in the JournalContinue reading “The First Stone Tool Makers were NOT Human!”

The Earliest Stone Tools…Not Oldowan?

Originally posted on World of Paleoanthropology:
*Updated with more Accurate Information* If you would like, and can, please also view on Lithic technology, or stone tool complexes, are extraordinarily important to the human story. It is part of what makes us so utterly unique, despite the fact that other creatures in the animal kingdom,…