Skulls with Seth-Turkana Boy

Premiering at 5pm PST! Here on this episode of #SkullswithSeth we will be talking about our highly fascinating and groundbreaking ancestor of ours, Homo erectus.  Specifically, we will be looking at Turkana Boy, one of, if not the best-preserved hominin skeleton ever found.  At only 8-9 years old, this boy has given us so manyContinue reading “Skulls with Seth-Turkana Boy”

The Great Brain Size Debate: Is Bigger Really Better?Does Brain Size Matter?

View and Discuss on From a small age, we as children begin to develop an idea based on a natural observation that we make. Animals with bigger brains are more intelligent. As far as children and most adults know, this is true. But not only is it a very general statement, we know thatContinue reading “The Great Brain Size Debate: Is Bigger Really Better?Does Brain Size Matter?”

Trachilos Footprints with Dr. Per Alberg

Dr. Alberg is a vertebrate paleontologist at the University of Uppsala, where he has found a passion for paleoanthropology.  For this interview, I bring him on the show to talk about something that many anthropologists fill find controversial, but I wouldn’t say I like playing where it’s safe. I like to explore and learn newContinue reading “Trachilos Footprints with Dr. Per Alberg”

Broken Hill-Kabwe 1 and The London Natural History Museum

Here we will be discussing a very controversial fossil, at least how it is being treated.  Kabwe 1 is designated as a H. Hieldebergensis, but that may soon change with how classifications change.  What species does this fossil belong to? Is it its own? Or one that we already know of, such as photo-neanderthals, alsoContinue reading “Broken Hill-Kabwe 1 and The London Natural History Museum”

The Bane of Anthropology & Archaeology…

*Premiering at 1pm PST* This episode will not be the most fun out of my videos, but it is one of the more important, as it lays the groundwork for one of the most essential rules in Archaeology and Anthropology.  Looting… it’s a big problem. Without these sets of ethics, and ways of viewing newContinue reading “The Bane of Anthropology & Archaeology…”

Paleoanthropology-2022 in Review, Top Discoveries

Well! Here we are at the end of the year, and what a year it was!  We had so many incredible discoveries that there is not one video to cover it all! But I decided to make a video of what I thought were some of the top discoveries in Paleoanthropology in 2022.  Buckle, andContinue reading “Paleoanthropology-2022 in Review, Top Discoveries”

Call for Undergraduate Submissions: Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour 

Dear Anthropologists, Department Chairs, Professors, and Leaders in Undergraduate Studies, As the Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour Science Communications Officer, I am writing to you. I want to inform you of an exciting opportunity for your undergraduate students.  The Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour is now calling for submissions for its third issue. (Deadline: February 15th, 2023).  CJHB isContinue reading “Call for Undergraduate Submissions: Cambridge Journal of Human Behaviour “

Skulls with Seth Episode Three-Zinj

Episode Three- Zinj  ZInj, also known as the Nutcracker Man, or more properly Zinjanthropus Bosei or Australopithecus Bosei, is a species that lived about two million years ago.  With a lifestyle and diet extraordinarily different from our own, this is a unique hominin still struggling to find its place among our braided family stream. ButContinue reading “Skulls with Seth Episode Three-Zinj”