Neanderthal Symposium; Presented by the World of Paleoanthropology!

***Update Two*** As we approach the date, we are now accepting Q/A submissions for our board of experts! Please email your Neanderthal related questions to with an appropriate subject to have your question considered! The Q/A will last for about 30 min, and we will get through as many questions as we can! ***Update***Continue reading “Neanderthal Symposium; Presented by the World of Paleoanthropology!”

Do you want US to FEATURE your written work? Learn MORE-It’s FREE!

Do you want to publish, online for #free any #papers, #essays, etc that you have written, or would like to write? I am happy to tell you that @WrldOfPaleoAnth would be happy to host your work! Again, #FORFREE!!! We just want to educate! All rights and credit will remain yours! stem #anthropologymatters #Species #HomoContinue reading “Do you want US to FEATURE your written work? Learn MORE-It’s FREE!”


So, I’m ok at genetics, I’ve never studied it specifically outside of Bio 101, but I can keep up. First week of Human Behavioral Evolution class and 💥 BAM 💥 Epigenetics “You know how, in all k-12 and intro college classes about biology or anthropology, that evolution does not work by traits gained during anContinue reading “Genes….”

Top Lectures on Paleoanthropology!!!

Well! Since its been about a week since we came out with our Top Documentaries list, and so its time for a new one before we move on to our newer content! This one was hard to make, there are just so, so many good lectures online, (Again these are all on YouTube for freeContinue reading “Top Lectures on Paleoanthropology!!!”

The Role of Imagination in Human Evolution

The Role of Imagination in Human Evolution Introduction: We humans have had a very long, tumultuous, and at times bleak history. Over the last seven million years, our genus, the Homo genus, has experienced an amazing amount of change. Today, when we look at our closest cousins, the chimpanzees, and bonobos, we often feel aContinue reading “The Role of Imagination in Human Evolution”